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Everyone has to start somewhere. If you are new to golf and looking to improve your game this is the place to start.

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Looking to drop your score below 100? It’s time to take a deep dive into your mindset to lower your score.

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Now your game's consistency is improving, it is time to work on the 3 key shots in your arsenal.

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Not keeping any stats yet? Let work together to analyse your game and start tracking your progress more seriously

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Congratulations you are a part of the top 5% of players in the world.
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Looking to make a living playing golf? Let's work together to get your mental game up to a professional level

Who am I

Welcome to Duke Golf, my name is Thomas Duke, I am a PGA golf professional in the fantastic city of Bristol. My job consists of many avenues in the world of golf from club repair to sales advice on the latest equipment on the market and everything in-between, however, my passion is coaching.

This has led me to build the DUKE GOLF brand, behind the brand is a no-nonsense fact-finding solution to your golf game. With over 20 years of experience in golf with 10+ years of coaching experience, I have seen and experienced a lot in golf. Remembering all the lessons I had early in my career from the thousands of faults I had to overcome in my own game, to all the faults I have found in other peoples games and how to effectively resolve them to create better golfers.

I have been especially proud working with England golf in their golf initiatives, alongside the local Gloucestershire County including Women’s, Men’s, boys’ and girls’ initiatives to help further grow this great game.

I plan to help individuals to start this great sport or to support them during their golf careers. Growing my band DUKE GOLF into a coaching school of excellence worldwide.

Helping you with facts about your golf via mental or physical attributes in an easy to learn format so you can learn specifics to help achieve your goals and not just a general rule of thumb.

This specific factual finding process I have developed has given my clients hold of their game like never before, allowing them to grow and understand their characteristics better whilst finding out the positive & negative aspects of their game. Making this process easy to follow and progress is seen quicker than ever before.

No matter your goal it's my passion to help you achieve this, please continue to navigate my site and contact me if you have any further questions about my process and how I can help your game.

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