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It’s all in the planning

Where To Start

So you are scoring over 100 for 18 holes, don’t be so hard on yourself so was I when I first started. Golf is fun when you are starting out but now you are getting serious it becomes more difficult, or so it would seem. Sometimes it feels like the course itself is against you and from a point of view, it is. The course is always changing, the grass is growing, the wind is up, or down, and yesterday's rain isn’t helping either!

Breaking the sub 100 milestone requires 2 things. The right mindset and practice. You could walk on to the course and swing the club the exact same way, and hit the same target you did yesterday but if your mindset differs it changes your game. It can be frustrating and you start questioning yourself. Why am I not improving?! I hit that mark yesterday. Why haven’t I improved?! Unofficial tip, don’t be so hard on yourself, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The Breakdown

To help you break that sub 100 milestone let's break down the 18 holes into a few possibilities. On average a 99 game is 5.5 strokes/ shots per hole, keep that in mind when you go past a par 3 hole.
Now let's break that down into strokes per hole. To achieve 99 you will need.

  • 1 hole with a score of 3
  • 4 holes with a score of 4
  • 4 holes with a score of 5
  • 4 holes with a score of 6
  • 4 holes with a score of 7
  • 1 hole with a score of 8

Or in golf terms

  • 1 x par
  • 9 x bogeys
  • 6 x double bogeys
  • 2 x triple bogeys

All that equals 18 holes with a score of 99


  • Keep your cool. Aggression at the tee will make you tense up and hinder your game.
  • Consistently keep the ball in play. Aim to play a game without receiving any penalty shots. So keep away from the sandbanks, water hazards and out of bounds markers.
  • Aim for big targets. Set your mark on the centre green and not the flag. Remember consistency is the name of the game here not the hole in ones.
  • Find the right driver for you. Some people may prefer a different driver for a specific hole. Find one that is comfortable to you and keeps your game consistent.
  • Don’t play it too safe. Taking shorter shots and playing it safe might feel like the best strategy but always aim to reach the back of the green.

The Programme

At this stage, practising little and often would be the best approach.

Having a series of short lessons will help balance your learning and playing time on the range.

Starting with 3 x 60 min sessions split between

  • Off the tee - Woods
  • Mid irons
  • Short game

These lessons will help you achieve your short them goals quickly and in succession, as each lesson will flow into the next. Over the year my clients have really enjoyed this approach as it lends itself to a quicker way of learning.

If you are looking for something more intensive. Then I can tailor a package that suits your needs to make sure you get the most out of the sessions.

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