70’s Shooter

Things are getting serious.

Where To Start

So now you are ending consistently in the 70’s bracket. Congratulations you are a part of the top 5% of players in the world. You have come a long way and should be proud of yourself.
The following section will focus on your style of play. Do you play aggressively or safely?

Of odes that change on a hole by hole basis? Working on the stats you started keeping when you were an 80’s shooter you should know your limits and how to play your best game.
The most important thing at this stage is to trust yourself. You have the technique, skills and knowledge to plan an effective game. Now to put it into action.

The Breakdown

So what will it be, aggressive or safe? Planning out your game and getting the lay of the land will help with your course management and give you an idea of how to play each hole. If a hole has a particularly difficult obstacle for you it might be best to play it safe. Whereas an easier hole could be played more aggressively.

So how do you play golf aggressively? The answer to that is simple: will your decision increase your chance of a birdie?

Regarding practice and training, I would suggest a similar approach to an 80’s shooter. Practice what you are bad at but put a focus on shaping your shots with draw and fade, hitting high and low shots, spin and distance control. The further you improve these skills the more your game will change and with it your course management.


Now it's all about the stats. We touched on this when you were an 80’s shooter and at this stage keeping the right stats is vital in identifying your weak spots. Each player's stats will be unique to them and their game so I won’t list any here.

The conditions of the weather and the green should always be on your mind. With the previously kept stats, you generally know on a fair day how your game is going to play out.
That being said there are some more details we can keep track of.

  • The lie of the ball.
  • The up or downhill elevation
  • The compactness of the ground (firm or soft)
  • Hole hazards
  • and of course the wind strength and direction.

All these and more can and should impact your game, the club you choose and your decision to play aggressively or not.

The Programme

Now it’s time to get creative. During this programme, we will focus on;
Making sure you have all the necessary shots at your disposal and on-demand.

  • Understanding and creating your strategic plans and have them ready to use in all course conditions.
  • An in-depth insight into knowing your miss and how to plan for the good, bad and ugly shots.
  • Topping up your strengths and weaknesses and setting practice plans to ensure you are working on your entire game. Not just the good or fun bits.
  • Reviewing your good and bad days to give yourself the motivation to push further.

All of this can be achieved when we work together. Tightening your game to reduce your scores lower and lower.
I would suggest a full consultation on and off the course followed by as watched practice and planning session. Constant communication is key at this stage to ensure a clear and healthy mindset.

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