80’s Shooter

Knowing your game

Where To Start

If you are reading this, I applaud you. In order to consistently score within the 80’s bracket, you are competent in most parts of the game.
You have put in the hard work and it's definitely starting to show.

Throughout this section, we will touch on key stats to track, how to practice effectively and how you perform under pressure. Now you are hitting consistent 80’s it's time to tweak and perfect your shots pulling you down to a 70’s shooter.

The Breakdown

So what stats should we start keeping? At this stage I would recommend keeping track on;

  • How you handle putting under pressure.
  • What shots are you most consistent within your Long and short game?
  • What's your maximum drive? And what's your average drive distance.
  • How do you handle different weather types?

Knowing your yardages is a must at this stage as it allows you to keep the above stats up to date and accurate. It also lets you plan your game and how you move around the course. Knowing how far you can drive the ball can stop you from overexerting yourself and coming up short.

Another critical thing to think about is the effectiveness of your practice. Repeating the same training regime can not only get boring and repetitive, but it also narrows your focus and not in a good way. Make sure to work on your weaker shots as well as maintaining your favourites. Give yourself random tasks and challenges to help increase your thoughts on the game and improve problem-solving skills. This included putting yourself under pressure when it comes to putting.
The more you get in that headspace the more comfortable you will be with it.


If you want to push for a 70's shooter, which I'm sure you do. Make sure you are hitting the par 3’s consistently and keep a six off your card.

On an average 72 par course, you will come across a series of par 3’s,4’s and 5’s. If you can make four par 3’s and 5’s on par then you will give yourself a bit of breathing room for the other 10 holes

If you are an 80’s shooter coming on 70’s then at this stage your technique is pretty solid.
I would recommend identifying those weak shots and keep them the focus of your practice. They are more important than your reliable shots at this point.

The Programme

For this programme, I would recommend a few different things.

  • A practice consultation to make you understand how to practice effectively
  • 4 x 40 minute supervised practice, each focused on a different aspect of your game. Such as your short game, long game, shot shaping and ball flight control.
  • 3 to 4 swing mechanics sessions to ensure your swing is consistent and we can identify any bad habits.
  • 2 playing lessons to work on your strategy and how you implement that strategy under pressure.

Of course this the above is a suggestion and can and probably will be changed depending on you and your current goal and skill set. We will work together to give you a bespoke programme for your skills whilst touching on the above areas.

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