90’s Shooter

Hitting 90 in 3 key shots

Where To Start

So you are hitting an average of 90+, you have come a long way. To consistently reach a 90’s game you should be averaging between 5 and 5.5 strokes per hole. If your game is consistent and you are hitting your marks and ending on a flourish of pars and bogeys then you are well on your way to becoming an 80’s shooter.

To learn more about the 3 key shots that will help you maintain that consistent 90+ average and pull it down to the 80’s with some more practice be sure to read on.

The Breakdown

If you want to drop below 90, your goal is simple but by no means easy. Simply play with an average of fewer than 5 strokes per hole.
One of the best techniques I use with my students is to imagine every hole is a 5 par hole. This works well with par 3 holes but with 4’s and 5’s it becomes a bit more difficult. An unofficial tip with those holes is to play with a bit more caution.

Assuming a par 72 course here are a few ways you game could breakdown:

  • 1 par and 17 bogeys
  • 3 pars, 13 bogeys and 2 double bogeys
  • 5 pars, 9 bogeys, 4 double bogeys


Tee shots.
Starting well off the tee is vital if you want to break 90. The best target is the fairways and not how far you can hit the driver. Finding fairways gives you the best chance of another key shot. Leading to a better score. If the driver isn’t behaving then it might be time to find an alternative club.

The next shot.
When trying to break 90, you need to have a good level of confidence in your irons and your ability to reach into the fringes and greens. It is important that you can reach 150 yards plus.

Understanding your miss
In order to improve you need to understand your miss. Knowing what will happen to your ball if you don’t hit it great can really help you understand obstacles and reduce penalties.

Chipping & pitching
Understanding the difference between these two shots is key. A series of different shot styles will keep you out of trouble and improve your score. Even if the tee shots aren’t helping you currently, your short game can bring you back in the scoring zone. Having one standard chip or pitch shot that you can rely on is crucial, but having a variety of shots can also help.

The Programme

4-6 week programme working through your golf bag from long game to short game to identify and iron out any weak links. Making sure you’re happy with each section before moving on.

If you are looking for a more long term approach. I would suggest an hour with me every month to make sure we stay on track and help add more shots to your armoury. This will give you time between sessions to practice.

Either of these programmes will involve a lot of communication between us via WhatsApp. Allowing you to ask questions and chat so you’re never alone.

If you’re a player who is hitting the ball well but not seeing the scores reduce. Then it’s time we hit the course. 1 or 2 playing lessons alongside myself will help me identify any issues either tactical or mentally, so we can address them. It gives me the opportunity to see any shots you might be struggling with under course conditions.it also means you can watch and learn from me as I play alongside you and ask any questions you might have.

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