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Things are getting serious.

Where To Start

So you are hitting 70’s or less and want to play golf for a living. If you are hitting those types of scores then you could be in for a real chance.

In 2020 the current average player count is 200+ in the PGA tour with a stroke average of less than 72. To keep your card, you need an average of less than 71.
Within the European Tour, 80 % of the prize money is won by the player who can keep an average score of 71. So there is some real money to be made if you are good enough. Just make sure you are having a good day. On average there is a 10 point difference between a good and bad day. So if on a bad day you are hitting 74 or less then you definitely have what it takes.

The Breakdown

So how. How do you go pro? How do you make sure your bad days don’t ruin your chances of going pro.
It all comes down to one question that must be asked every practice At the start, during the practice and end. How do I reduce my score? What is blocking you? What shots do you have trouble with? What ranges can’t you hit? Focus on this question, ask it several times a session to make sure you are getting the most out of your training.


At this stage in the game the only tips I can give is to;
Play or practise 5+ times a week and on a course as much as possible. Learn how to get the most out of your rest days.
Focus on playing in competitive scenarios. The competitiveness of these games will help you both increase your mental stability and help you learn to handle the increased pressure.

The Programme

There is no set programme at this stage as all of the programmes will be unique to you and your game. Our main focuses though will be building up your mental stability under pressure. Turning professional is no easy task. You might have the scores on your home green but maintaining that focus on a new course after travelling all day is an entirely different beast.
We will build routines to help recreate these sorts of pressures and increase your adaptability on and off the course.

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